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Shed Row with Tack Room


shed row with tack room and kennel                shed row with paddock doors


20 x 36 run in shed with 8 x 20 shed and tack room as shown

sizes can be change to meet your needs 



shed row, stall barn





Shed Row, Run In Shed, Shed Row with Tack Room, Cheap Barn


20 x 32 run in shed with 8 x 20 tack room as shown 

sizes can be change to meet your needs



Pennypincher Shed Rows and Run-In Sheds are available in a variety of sizes.  With T&G siding one of these small barn kits can have a beautiful exterior and interior finish while offering good air circulation for your horses.  Add a tack room and feed room or open side shed for extra storage.  This a super affordable way to get a great barn and keep your animals out of the weather.  Add dutch paddock doors to the back of your stalls.


  Three Stall Shed Row Barn with Breezeway and tack  room



22 x 46 Breezeway Barn with 10 x 36 ally way and 10 x 22 tack room as shown

size can be change to meet your needs


Multi-Stall Run-In Shed with Metal Gates
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Pennypincher Barn Company specializes in providing good quality small house kits, small cabin kits, small houses, tiny houses, and barn kits that are affordable, versatile and durable. Our kits can be used as timber frame houses, little homes, 4H horse barns, barn homes, rv garages, kennels, chalets, cabins, arenas, utility buildings, storage barns, carports, studios, workshops, home based offices, small animal barns, wineries, hobby or craft rooms, and much, much more.  We're confident that after you compare the value, quality, service, and durability of our home, and cabin kits to any other professional kit company you'll agree that Pennypincher’s provides a great product for the best price in town.  We are a small company.   Please use E-mail rather than calling.  Sales@pennypincherbarns.com

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