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Siding Options
Pennypincher Building Kit's are designed using the UHB "4-Control" System.  Using this system means that our building kits can accept almost any kind of siding.  Put it on now or add it later. The choice is yours!
Rough Sawn Plywood Siding

Definition: Board and batten, or board-and-batten, describes a type of exterior siding or interior paneling that has alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips, called battens Batten, describes a narrow board used to cover gaps between siding boards or sheathing; also used to brace and stiffen boards joined edge-to-edge as in a batten door.

Board-and-batten siding lends itself to the character and style of any cabin, barn or small house.  While the traditional method of achieving the board-and batten look, often using cedar, is attractive it can add to the cost and labor of the project. 

A more economical way to achieve this look is by using rough-sawn plywood siding with 8" grooves that is referred to as "reverse board-and-batten".  When installed on a cabin or barn it appears to be board-and-batten, but it actually comes as a 4 x 8 sheet shaped with pattern of raised boards and recessed batten strips. 

This siding which is simply plywood with a rough sawn appearance, is readily available, affordable both for the material cost and the savings in labor. It is also tough, weather resistant, easy to maintain and looks as good as the traditional application of board-and-batten.  

Log Siding
There's just something about a log cabin.  Unforuntately, traditional log siding can be time consuming to install and mostly to maintain.  A great alternative is half-log milled siding. A popular brand like Modulog log siding gives you an authentic log look in a practical siding product. Modulog's Siding is a solid wood siding product that looks just like logs but requires 75% less wood. It uses a patented "Solid Log Corner" and has the unique advantage of being able to convert an ordinary frame house into the Log Home of your dreams.  Log siding offers rustic charm and beauty that helps you to achieve the log cabin look of your dreams. In addition to looking great, milled log siding is less expensive, more weather resistant and easy to install.
Cement Fiber Siding
This durabale, natural-looking material is often called by the brand names HardiPlank® or Hardi-Board®.  Cement fiber siding can have the appearance of wood, stucco, or masonry.   It is fireproof and termite proof and requires very little maintanence.   Cement fiber siding is a good choice if you want a wood alternative with the look of real wood.





Cultured Stone Siding
Granite, limestone, slate and other types of stone are beautiful and virtually impervious to the weather.  The downside is that they are also extremely expensive.  Precast stone veneers and facings look and feel like real stone, but the prices are far more reasonable.  Cultured Stone® is one popular brank of precast stone veneers.






Brick Veneer Siding
Bricks are made of fired clay and come in a variety of earthy colors.  Brick is desireable for it's longevity and low-maintenace.   Though slightly less long-lasting quality brick veeners are also attractive and durable. They are also less expensive and time consuming to install.




Cedar Shingle Siding
Cabins and houses sided in cedar shingles or cedar shakes blend beautifully with wooded landscapes.  Made of natural cedar, the shingles are usually stained browns, grays or other earthen tones.  Shingles offer the natural look of wood, but usually require less maintenance than other wood sidings like clapboard.  Using stain instead of paint can minimize peeling.






Wood Clapboard Siding
Despite the many great synthentic wood-like products, traditional solid wood siding like cedar, fir and pine, still remain favorite choices for finer homes.  Just like cedar shakes wood clapboard can be stained rather than painted.  With periodic care a wood clapboard sided cabin can look good for years.











Stucco Siding
Traditional stucco is cement combined with water and inert materials such as sand or line.  Stucco has been used for centuries and can be finished is a variety of ways.  Walls made of genuine stucco are hard, solid and moisture resistant.  Synthetic stucco will look authentic, but may not offer the same durability.






Metal Siding
Seamless steel siding is very strong and resists shrinking and bulging when the temperature changes.  The siding is custom fit to the exact measurements of your building.  Seamless steel can come in a wood-look texture or the industrial look of corrugated steel.

Aluminim Siding is an old-fashioned option.  It is easy to maintain and fairly durable.  Aluminum is fireproof and is not usually considered harmful to the environment.





Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is made from PVC plastic.  Unlike wood or cedar, it won't rot or fade.  Vinyl is usually less expensive to purchase and install than most other sidings.  There are, however, drawbacks, vinyl can crack, fade, or grow dingy over time.






 Plywood Siding

 plywood siding, LP Smart Siding, T1-11    www.lpcorp.com   www.rfpco.com 


Log Siding

 log siding, milled log siding, cabin siding, log house, log cabin www.duralog.com


Cement Fiber Siding

hardiplank, hardi board, siding 

 Cultured Stone Siding & Brick Siding

stone siding, cultured stone siding   

brick siding, brick veneer siding

Cedar Shingles

cedar shingles, cedar siding, cedar shakes 

Wood Clapboard Siding

clapboard siding    

Stucco Siding

stucco siding

Metal Siding

metal siding, aluminium siding www.fabral.com

Vinyl Siding

 vinyl siding, pvc coating sidingwww.vinylsiding.org


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